Still-life photographer Dennis Pedersen transforms everyday materials into spectacular, dynamic imagery. It’s an art that he has honed for over 20 years. Pedersen’s studio is highly sought-after by clients from many sectors - all seeking a highly creative response to the photography of their products. Water, ice, heat, materials in flux: like an alchemist, Pedersen employs techniques and effects that bring materials and brands to life. This page is: home

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Category: Home

Multiple grooming beauty products are stacked and being viewed though a rippling plane of refreshing hydrating cool blue water. The ripples create distortion and changes light and tone.

Luxury designer watches and jewellery hang from branches of spring time flower blossom lit with bright sunshine casting hard shadows against a pink background.

Modern headphones sit on a pastel pink background and the cable creates a set of lips forming an abstract and clever image.

Bottles of Essie nail polish are stacked on a heroic white plinth as droplets of varnish drip down from the brushes.

Chanel toiletries lay glowing under a rippling planes of water. Bubbles passover the beauty products creating distortion and emphasising the brands name.

Editorial cover of stylist magazine is recreated in a bed of pink makeup powder. Typography is pressed in to creating a variety of textures, particles and effects.

Abstract image of a blue plastic bag arranged to form the shape of a donkey. Lit from underneath undulations of colour and tone give form to its shape.

Plastic cutlery and cups arranged to form a playful figure of a person. Lit with a creative spotlight.

Yellow power ranger children's toy lifting up a designer high heel modern shoe. Part of a creative fashion accessories series for Stylist magazine.

A composition of colourful glass perfume fragrance bottles geometrically arranged showing liquid movement and bubbles within them.

Two Christian Dior nail varnish bottles laying in corresponding pools of red and pink polish

A composition of alcohol cocktails arranged in a night club scene with geometrics shapes and a bright neon light trail dynamically swooping in between the cocktails. For the Dish magazine, Sunday Times

Space NK Textures

Various wedges and wheels of dripping cheese stacked on plinths photographed at a low heroic angle. Food photography editorial for The Dish, Sunday Times.

Gold festive ribbons swirls around a luxury YSL lipstick product creating a festive image representing gifting and the holiday season.

Luxury diamond watches lit with direct sunlight and hard shadows as they hang from a washing line, with a small bird sitting between them. Jewellery shoot for Stylist Magazine.

A large liquid droplet containing Nameera beauty cosmetic products land on to a infinity pool of water creating ripples. Flowers, petals and foliage are also within the drop.

A high speed image of a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne being opened by sabre. The cork flies off with a spritz of liquid and droplets in the air.

Tangle Teezer 1

Creme de la mer beauty cosmetic products run down a stream of rippling water photographed against a graduation of teal.

An image of makeup, red and pink lipstick textures are composed together in a graphic arrangement. Each lipstick has droplets of refreshing water on them.

Fragrance perfume product sits on a vivid green tropical leaf creating a lifestyle image.

Underwater image created in the studio of light dappling through splashing water ripples as bubbles rise and toy lego products create a scene of deep sea exploration.

Citizen, omega, rado and rotary watches captured at high speed with an explosion of water and droplets coming from it.


Category: Beauty

a balance me serum dynamically plunging in to a deep ocean of water with light dappling through the caustics and bubbles rising to the liquids surface

a Zara perfume bottle packaged in plastic to look like fresh fruit shot on a vibrant pink background shot for Stylist magazine

Creme de la mer cosmetic products laying in a pool of aqua coloured water surrounded by droplets of water

Molton Brown Russian leather aftershave and toiletries surrounded by smoke and burning embers of charcoal wood

beauty products frozen over by frost and ice with a hard directional shaft of light shinning across them an editorial for Hello magazine

A glowing orange dynamic light trail swooping around Elemis cosmetic products with powerful vibrant energy

A small round makeup brush completely covered with a dusting of vivid green matcha powder shot for Cosmopolitan magazine

unity cosmetic shampoo surrounded by soap bubbles lit by sunshine in a minimal style casting hard crisp shadows

Minimal graphic image of a modern lipstick lit by direct sunlight casting a hard shadow for Marrionaud France advertising campaign

Juliette has a gun hand cream tube scrunched up with strong dramatic lighting and a deep shadow

A bright yellow glowing bottle of Clarins beauty serum nestled in a background of rich green foliage leaves and plants

Pink bottle of L`occitane perfume surround by flowers and plants with a strong depth of field and sunlight shinning down

hydrating beauty products laying in a pool of natural water with floating seaweed and plant photographed for Stylist magazine

Creme de lamer beauty products stuck in a swirl of sand with dramatic sun light shinning across them giving long deep shadows

cosmetic tube splashing underwater as the surface ripples and bubbles rise and two tropical fish circle it. An editorial image for Cosmopolitan Magazine

the Union Jack or United Kingdom flag created using red and white makeup powder showing strong textures and rich colours

The body shop gold fragrance with dynamic exploding ingredients containing flowers and powder interacting with the perfume which was part of an advertising campaign

Glossy juicy smears of red and pink lipgloss textures laying on a surface with a Space NK makeup brush resting across them

Moroccan oil beauty haircare bottle laying next to a rippling pool of golden oil on a vibrant yellow background photographed for cosmopolitan magazine


beauty skin skincare ren body face wash cream hydrate tube packshot bottle glow spotlight

Two Christian Dior nail varnish bottles laying in corresponding pools of red and pink polish

Molton Brown home reed diffuser campaign shot in an spring forest with strong directional light

An editorial lifestyle image of perfume, fragrances and aftershaves in a nighttime setting with a background of street lights and neon light trails. An editorial for boots health and beauty magazine

Dior nude skin foundation beauty product laying on sand with a palm leaf shadow across it. Strong bright sunlight creating sharp deep shadows

multiple beaut makeup and cosmetic textures compiled in to a models face using post production techniques for an editorial feature in cosmopolitan magazine

A cosmetic beauty product sprays a circular ring of hydrating water mist. The Liquid Droplets sparkle as the light catches them.

A Still Life advertising image for Sally Hansen featuring nail polish dripping with a short depth of field on a golden surface and bokeh in the background

flat lay of beauty skincare and health products arranged with nautical themed props such as sand seashells and rope an editorial image

Oil pools on a reflective surface as glistening body oil pours from a Nuxe beauty product. An advertising image for marks and spencer

A close up image of luxury designer body oils such as Bobby Brown and L'Oreal submerged into a glossy call off liquid. Bubbles to store and interact with the products.

Miss Dior fragrance bottle laid on a summer pink background casting long shadows. A perfume shot for Grazia magazine.

beauty advertising image of Revlon foundation which shows two products in front of geometric texture sweeps in a variety of skin tone shades

Close up lifestyle shot of Chanel nail polish. Varnish drips from the brush as it is set in a sunny summer holiday setting

A macro close up image of three nail polish brushes dripping glossy liquid into their bottles. Created as an advertising image for John Lewis

Mascara beauty product surrounded by an energetic double helix of sparkling trails of light against a black background. An advertising image for collection 2000

Eyeshadow powder and various make up products crushed into textures to form stars and planets in an outer space scene. Shot as an editorial for Grazia magazine

Clearasil liquid face wash plunges into a tank of water which splashes as bubbles rise to the rippling surface. Fruit interacts with the product.

Macro close up of Laura Mercier Rouge pink and brown lipstick shot with direct sunlight highlighting hydrating water droplets. An editorial feature for Grazia magazine

Chanel hydra beauty product composed on top of a thick cream texture against a vivid blue background. An editorial Shot for Grazia magazine

Deep sleep bath oil by this works resting in a golden glowing pool of oil.

Bright glowing sunlight shines through a Nuxe body oil product casting deep sharp shadows and light refraction against a warm background. Marks & Spencer.

A luxury hair comb next to an Aqua Di Palma aftershave bottle as light shines creating refractions and crisp shadows

Olay anti ageing skincare product showing a whip of cream surrounded by hydrating water droplets lit with bright summer sunlight. An advertising image for Olay.

A clean crisp advertising image for Clinique SPF foundation featuring three products in front of glossy thick texture sweep

An advertising image of Clinique chubby sticks lipsticks formed a Christmas tree tied together with ribbon

Multiple beauty skincare products lay on a bed of frosty blue ice. A shard of light shines across them highlighting glistening frozen ice crystals.

A graphic composition of black make up brushes and multiple coloured powders, composed for space NK in store Advertising

Grooming beauty skincare products stacked in to a heroic tower with large soapsuds and bubbles pouring down them.

L'Occitane Creme divine beauty product glows as rays of light shine from it in an angelic composition. Part of an advertising campaign.

Multiple beauty products featuring lipstick perfume fragrance on a bed of gold blocks, lit with sparkle and pings an editorial feature for Stylist magazine

Luxury designer Perfume and fragrances nestled between spring green foliage and flowers. Created for hello! Magazine

Category: Food & Drink

A composition of alcohol cocktails arranged in a night club scene with geometrics shapes and a bright neon light trail dynamically swooping in between the cocktails. For the Dish magazine, Sunday Times

Various wedges and wheels of dripping cheese stacked on plinths photographed at a low heroic angle. Food photography editorial for The Dish, Sunday Times.

Glass of water overhead showing tone ripples and bubbles, created for Waitrose drinks magazine

Bottle of rosé alcohol wine splashing into a tank of water creating bubbles rising upwards as the liquid ripples. An image for Waitrose drinks

A high speed action image of Gin bottle flying through the air. The alcohol is at dynamic angles with liquid spills and droplets exploding in the air.

A luxurious flute of champagne with bubbles fizzing to a surface of fruit. Sat on a dark wood surface appearing festive and seasonal. From a series of drinks for Harrods magazine

A high speed image of a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne being opened by sabre. The cork flies off with a spritz of liquid and droplets in the air.

a high speed action image of an ice cube splashing in to a tank of water. Liquid droplets fly in to the air as the ice submerges. Photography for Waitrose.

Smirnoff cider alcohol drinks lined up in a row with a reflection on a white background. The glasses of beverage are filled with ice. Photograph for Waitrose and Partners

An extreme close up of deep red wine being poured in to a wine glass. There is movement and bubbles in the liquid.

A close up, macro image of fresh juicy cherries. Each piece of fruit is lit dramatically showing the water droplets on them.

Three glass gin alcohol bottles are lined up as a high speed dynamic splash of gin flies in front of them. Image for Waitrose.

An high speed explosion of red liquid, fruit and berries flies out of a kitchen blender.

Cooking olive oil pours out from a glass bottle and splashes on to a white surface causing droplets and liquid to fly out in to the air.

Glasses filled with sparkling golden champagne. Bubbles are rising to the top of the flute with liquid splashing. Behind them is a background of gold festive sparkle. An Editorial cover for Waitrose and Partners

A food image of various pasta shapes creatively arranged into the shape of a Christmas tree with a soft dusting of flour on a festive red background

Image of alcoholic cocktails being made in a bar setting using seasonal ingredients. An image commissioned by Harrods magazine.

An arrangement of food. Alphabet spaghetti on a white china plate spelling out a message in relation to social media and instagram. Created for Stylist magazine.

An arrangement of food showing a breakfast or dinner. A bowl of colourful cereal hoops placed is next to a wine glass. Commissioned by Stylist Magazine.

food lifestyle egg eggs breakfast broken cracked crack humour sad

Fresh peppers frozen inside a solid block of melting ice with a pool of water lit dramatically from a series of food for The Dish, Sunday Times

Fresh green Asparagus frozen inside a solid block of melting ice with a pool of water lit dramatically from a series of food for The Dish, Sunday Times

Fresh king prawn frozen inside a solid block of melting ice with a pool of water lit dramatically from a series of seafood and shellfish for The Dish, Sunday Times

Vodka spirit bottle laying down in a light club bar setting surrounded by liquid water droplets. A green flash of light shines on the bottle causing a dynamic glow. An editorial image for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Pint glass of the larger Stella Artois standing on a wooden bar. The head of the beer spills over the edge of the class as condensation runs down it. Dramatic lighting, with a warm glow.

IV of liquid and slices of fresh citrus fruit like lemons, limes and oranges created for Tesco's to promote health and fitness

Gin vodka and whiskey alcohol bottles arranged in a lifestyle image on a bar setting as a drinks feature for Cosmopolitan magazine

Category: Fashion

Grey black and yellow minimal cultch bags laying on a two tone graphic background shot for John Lewis and partners

Grey and yellow designer Kin heel shoes facing opposite one another on a minimal graphic background, shot for John Lewis

leather work handbag laying down on a bed of black and yellow pencils, shot for Stylist Magazine

Justin deakin mens leather shoe shot in a stylish way with a spotlight on a dramatic background.

mens and women's designer leather boots shot in a minimal graphic style on black plinths. Created for Justin Deakin

Handbag accessories sucha nd a handbag and shoe are submerged in water landing on a bed of sand during summer. Toy lego mermaids are interacting with the products and bubbles.

Bright flip flop footwear resting on colourful sand under water. Bubbles and ripples pass over the products distorting them.

Dolce and Gabanna luxury designer footwear inspired by butterflies rests elegantly inside a Bell jar, a creative editorial composition for Cosmopolitan magazine

Minimal still life of two high heeled suede womens shoes. Bright daylight casting crisp light shadows. Created for Next

Red leather women's satchel sitting on a beige plinth. summer sunlight shinning down casting deep crisp seasonal shadows. Image for John Lewis.

Men's designer urban sneakers by Justin Deakin lay on a gritty stylised background of wood and stone

Space and moon inspired luxury designer footwear floating away from a surface as one boot imprint a powder texture. Created for Cosmopolitan magazine

Kitsch children's toy holding on to a retro looking prada designer hand bag. Shot on a sophisticated grey background, part of an editorial fashion special.

Yellow power ranger children toy lifting up a designer high heel modern looking shoe. Part of a creative fashion series for Stylist magazine.

Yellow velvet Gucci designer shoes in a old fashioned room set. Part of an editorial fashion accessory special for Stylist Magazine

Multiple leather women's pump shoes arranged in a circle propped with golden and red autumn leaves. A fashion accessory shoot.

Women's designer shoes worn by a model, a glass bottle of milk spilt on the floor causing a graphic puddle of liquid. Part of a fashion accessory shoot.

Fashion Sunglasses being raised in the air by a hand model. The nails are painted with polish in a variety of vibrant glossy colours.

Fun photograph of a mop head wearing bright red designer sunglasses. An editorial fashion accessory shoot.

fun fashion photograph of inflatable toy animals wearing luxury sunglasses, shot again a bright yellow background.

Justin Deakin mens black leather Chelsea boots on a dramatic background with light rays radiating up from the surface.

A pair of stylised Chanel sandals emitting glowing rays of light from an led. Fashion editorial shoot for cosmopolitan magazine.

A fashionable luxury designer western inspired women's cowboy boot lay on a bundle of rope in a wooden barn setting as golden daylight shines across it

High Speed image of a Marks & Spencer's women's fashion footwear splashing into a pool of shimmering golden liquid

Category: Jewellery

Citizen, omega, rado and rotary watches captured at high speed with an explosion of water and droplets coming from it.

Luxury diamond watch shot with teal paint exploding and splashing behind it. Watch designed and created by Richard Mille

a still life of fine luxury gold jewellery featuring necklaces with diamond and opal pendants arranged around delicate flowers and leaves casting shadows from crisp sunlight

nautical inspired gold and diamond jewellery resting across sea shells. Pebble earrings alongside nautical star pendants, softly lit on sage green surface.

high end luxury jewellery and watches on a handmade holding a small puppy, an editorial fashion accessories special for stylist magazine.

Selection of Pandora gold silver and diamond jewellery resting in an arrangement of flower petals. An advertising image for luxury necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Luxury diamond watches lit with direct sunlight and hard shadows as they hand from a washing line, with a small bird sitting between them.

still life composition of gentlemen accessories on a dark wooden surface. Products featured are leather and gold watches, cufflinks, an embossed hip flask and ornate rifle.

creative editorial image of a man in a cafe wearing multiple designer watches from brands such as swatch, radon's and Rolex.

creative still life image of mens high end luxury watches with blue faces composed to form a river in between rows of trees to form a landscape, lit by bright hard sunlight.

Woman wearing multiple luxury designer watches as she spills coffee in to the air, liquid droplets splash upwards. An editorial image for Stylist magazine.

luxury gold silver and diamond watches by rotary, omega and Rado photographed in wooden artist hand models on a dark navy background. An editorial fashion special.

Modern luxury geometric jewellery hanging on two wooden figures interacting with each other in a playful way. Part of an editorial fashion special.

Cocktail glass full of ornate and heavily jewelled rings. Light flare bounces off diamonds.

Designer watches by Thomas Sabo, Swarovski and Armani in a lifestyle tea party setting with cups, saucers, all lit with dappled daylight on a linen tablecloth.

fun plastic watches and jewellery laid across neon plastic geometric shapes. Bright vivid colours complimenting the colours of the fashion products.

collection of organic chunky colour cocktail rings which are heavily jewelled in clusters and lit by direct sunlight casting refractions and crisp shaodows.

Strawberry Summer Jewellery

Fern Watches

macro close up of luxury gold diamond rings stacked together sparkling in sunlight, casting a long shadow.

gentlemens formal analogue watches displayed across rolled newspaper articles. Watches featured by Cartier, rotary, omega, seiko and pate Philippe.

A grouping of metallic, gold and silver luxury designer bangles with lots of light relflections and refractions making them sparkle and ping.

editorial composition of designer mens leather watches such as timex bell & ross Armani playfully interacting with vibrant green leafs plants and foliage

night themed image of designer watches such as Swarovski Bell and ross in a graphic composition with miniature figures of people standing on them.

high end luxury chrome and gold watches by designers like swatch Michael kore and fossil wrapped around shimmering roll of fabric and silk

cold winter scene of delicate branches and twigs holding fine luxury white gold and diamond necklaces, earrings and bracelets

Luxury gold watches and diamond jewellery nestled in a bed of strawberries and summer fruit lit with bright sunlight

Category: Moving Image

cinemagraph of a tangle teezer hairbrush sitting in a spa setting alongside cosmetic products as droplets of water run down a a sheet of glass.

Molton Brown Russian leather advertising campaign video of toiletries and perfume products sit on plinths of charred wood as embers glow and smoke swirls.

Cinemagraph of a designer handbag spilled on to a glossy table, a luxury rouge lipstick rolls back and forth alongside a Tangle Teezer grooming brush.

Video of a summer beach, sand is blown away to reveal a Clinique SPF skincare product. Bright sunlight across the image casts hard shadows.

Moving image of Molton Brown shower gels set within a spring meadow. Dappled sunlight shines across the products making them glisten and sparkle.

Video of water ripples over a Clinique Makeup remover Beauty product. A small bubbles floats in front of it before popping

Video of paper art Christmas trees composed in to a larger tree. Created and shot for Stylist magazine

Stop motion video of makeup cosmetic spills and textures covering a surface, each being removed to reveal a Clinique beauty product. Textures include lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow.

Cinemagraph of two Revlon nail polish bottles pouring out in to a large liquid pool shot against a black surface.

Gif animation flipping through various nail varnish, polish and gel spills. They are in multiple colours and various finishes such as metallic, sparkle.

Gif animation flipping through packshot product images of eep, eat, perfume, fragrance and aftershave bottles. The bottles are glowing with colour and have bubbles in them.

Gif animation flipping through cosmetic and makeup textures showing a variety of swirls, sweeps and natural skin tones.

A moving image flat lay composition of luxury white gold and diamond jewellery frozen in a block of ice as winter snow falls down on them.

a moving image video of a shop retail display of beauty and cosmetics products. The glass of the shop window reflects the streets of London and moving traffic.

moving image of a bathroom fitting dripping water in to an infinity pool of liquid. Ripples spread across the water creating disturbances with light and tone.

Category: Misc

composite image for canon technology of a bouquet of bright colourful flowers combined with a fresh fish, an advertising campaign for Canon

dramatic Advertising image of a pink Selena candle on a black background with light refracting through its glass base creating bright rays of light

image of rubber yellow marigold gloves inflated to create an abstract composition which is lit dramatically with a spotlight effect

Dyson technology led desk lamp shinning a bright ray of light in a darkened scene

two toy kitsch trolls with flowing hair face each other in a studio setting appearing as funny portrait commissioned by Stylist Magazine as an editorial front cover

perfume bottle spraying a spritz of liquid fragrance towards a dramatically lit silhouette of her majesty the queen, an editorial feature for Stylist magazine UK

bright yellow sponge on a bed of textured swirls and swooshes created by soap suds and bubbles

green wellington boots walking through splashing puddles of water as rain pours down creating a dramatic image of wellies

minimal abstract image of a swirl of smoke rising upwards appearing as an X ray of an organic natural seashell form

abstract casette tape on a vivid orange background with the tape dispensed out recreating typography of the word tune in a playful way, an editorial feature for cosmopolitan magazine UK

creative abstract image of a blue plastic bag leaking splashing water as a silhouette of a fresh fish can be seen inside

close up high speed macro shot or a toy army soldier caught in an explosion of powder and dust

creative image of a large tank of water bubbling and splashing as miniature toy lego figures recreate a seen of a sea rescue, created as an editorial magazine feature

close up action shot of a small toy soldier lit in a dramatic way recreating a scene from a war film

neon pink abstract image of a smiley face yellow balloon deflated creating an artistic pop image commissioned as an editorial feature for Stylist Magazine

Image created as an editorial feature for cosmopolitan magazine depicting male action figure dolls filling an arcade grabber machine and one is being lifted in to the air

a dynamic explosion of green matcha powder creating graphic typography of the word pow commissioned by cosmopolitan magazine UK